Remove Freeven Pro 1.4 With Expert’s Advice

By | March 29, 2014
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Freeven Pro 1.4

Freeven Pro 1.4 is a notorious malware program that is potentially very harmful for Windows based computers. Most of the times, this malware comes bundled with free software, sharewares, multimedia files, and many other kinds of stuffs which users download from unrecommended sources over the internet. Once Freeven Pro 1.4 comes to be active on computers, it immediately alters all required settings and configuration systems which can create hassles to working of this malware. And as a result a lot of irritating situations will arrive to destruct the system. And finally makes the PC complete dead if malware infections are ignored for a long time.

According to millions of PC experts who got deep study over this malware states, this kind of stuffs usually created by cyber criminals or online remote hackers to get unauthorized access over computers. Once they get it successfully, then creates a lot of frustrating situations to users, and later on ask cyber crime money in response to fix such issues which are actually generated by the same. This is why, if you unfortunately come to identify this threat too on your system, then you must need to uninstall Freeven Pro 1.4 infections sooner with some recommended steps or solution.


Harmful Properties of Freeven Pro 1.4

Freeven Pro 1.4 is a very complicated infection whose intrusion is very tricky and complicated to identify. On infection, it badly damages the entire PC performance. The System becomes really slow and sluggish. It has very dangerous properties which could even crash the computer completely. Some of them have been stated below:

  • Completely locks the computer and asks to download paid version of unwanted application
  • Slows down the System performance and ultimately crash it
  • Disallows the accessibility of legitimate files
  • Breaks the security of computer and create loopholes in the PC
  • It disables maximum functions of computer
  • Continuously shows error messages on the computer screen making it very difficult to perform normal task
  • Makes the overall computer experience very sluggish and frustrating

Possible Ways for the entry of Freeven Pro 1.4 infection

There could be multiple ways by which this vermin gets its entry in the System. So, it is very important that you have powerful anti-virus and firewalls settings in your PC with a regular update. However, such infection could even get entry because Freeven Pro 1.4 continuously changes its names and other items so as to easily bypass the security settings. It is programmed with highly advanced algorithm to exploit the loopholes in PC and finds easy way to get entry. Some of the common medium by which Freeven Pro 1.4 could infiltrate in your computer has been mentioned below:

  • Infiltrates with executable code scripts
  • Downloading freeware and shareware contents
  • Opening malicious files attachment in mails
  • Through infected storage devices
  • Through network drives
  • Sharing files in a network environment
  • And so on


How to Remove Freeven Pro 1.4 infection manually

Step1. Open your infected System and press F8 button for some time until the advanced option of Windows is shown on the screen. Select the safe mode with command prompt option and press enter

Step2. In the Same command prompt, type explorer and open the explorer windows

Step3. Type regedit in command prompt and press enter

Step4: Open the registry editor and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentVersionWinlogon

Step5. Open the Windows task manager and remove all the associated process of Freeven Pro 1.4

Step6. Locate shell in the right side of the Windows and click on it. Remove the default value that is Explorer.exe. If something else is also shown then remove the same.

Step7. Restart your PC

The above mentioned manual process is quite complicated and requires a lot of technical expertise. One must have a deep knowledge of System files and registry entries. The manual steps involve handling of the integral files and folders including the registry entries, System files, processes etc. It is so complicated that even the computer experts make mistakes. And a single mistake could crash your computer completely. So, perform the manual procedure at your own risk as computer experts never recommend the manual process.

Automatic Freeven Pro 1.4 removal tool

In order to remove Freeven Pro 1.4 infection safely and securely, it is best to opt for automatic Freeven Pro 1.4 removal tool. It provides the real time protection that is equipped with the latest technology and scanning algorithm. It performs an advanced and comprehensive scanning algorithm to scan the System and easily detects the highly dangerous malware infection including Freeven Pro 1.4. To make it more effective, it comes with customizable option which allows the user to use the software according to their requirements and specific needs.


  • Salient Features of Freeven Pro 1.4 Removal Tool
  • Allows complete protection from threats like Freeven Pro 1.4 and removes them completely
  • Comes with regular updates on malware definition which could be easily updated through Internet connection
  • Capable to fix any kind of messages and pop ups shown due to Freeven Pro 1.4 infection
  • Comes with the features of automatic scanning to detect the corrupted and unwanted items including registry entries, System files, and so on

User Guide with Screen Shot

Below mentioned is the easy guide to uninstall Freeven Pro 1.4 infection for professional as well as novice users.

Step1. Download and install the automatic software and click on the scan button to begin the scanning process. Clicking the scan button will automatically begin the scanning process


Step2. After the scanning, complete details about the infected files with its details will be shown in a thumbnail format


Step3. It comes with “ Spywre HelpDesk” feature that allows user to know complete details about the spyware and malware which are present in the infected System


Step4. Take help of “Spyware Guard” option to prevent your PC from future attacks of such infections. It provides complete information and protection of all the latest treats and eliminates it from your PC if it tries to infiltrates in your System.



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